Harrisons Bird Food

Storage and Shelf-life

Harrison's Bird Foods is committed to protecting your bird from artificial preservatives.

Here are some suggestions to keep your food fresh:
• Smell the product for freshness prior to feeding.
• Squeeze all air out of the bag and zip it shut at the top.
• If the zip lock gets removed or damaged, fold the top over several times and close with a clip.
• Keep food in original bag. The Harrison's bag has a foil barrier that blocks oxygen permeation and blocks light that damages the vitamin content.
• Do not repackage food into plastic bags or Tupperware as the food will remain much fresher for a longer period in the Harrison's bag.
• Use contents within 4-6 weeks of opening bag.
• Purchase Harrison's foods only in their original packaging.
• Refrigerating or freezing may help to maintain freshness.