Harrisons Bird Food

Why Feed Harrison's Formulated diets?

Having established that formulated foods offer the best diets available to the pet parrot owner, why should you choose Harrison's?

One can do no better than to quote the world-renown avian Veterinarian and co-developer of Harrison's Bird Diets, Dr Greg Harrison DVM:
"Harrison's is fully fortified with vitamins. It is a proven complete diet that yields the best long term health results of any documented commercial or homemade diet. Harrison's is the only diet proven to prevent metabolic bone disease, as well as prevent and reduce elevated cholesterol."

5 Reasons Your Bird Should be Eating Harrison's

  1. Quite simply, HARRISON'S BIRD FOODS are health foods for birds. By introducing the first diet made from certified organic ingredients and specifically formulated, Harrison's has literally transformed the feeding of pet birds! The signs of a healthy bird are primarily the result of a healthy diet. The ideal pet bird is beautiful and brightly coloured, with sleek-looking feathers. A healthy bird likes to sing, play, talk and be active and is also affectionate with family members. Harrison's Bird Foods' goal is to help you make your bird the "ideal healthy bird".
  2. Formulated to be nutritionally complete. Seed diets and home made concoctions are usually nutritionally deficient. A pet bird which eats a seed diet, even if this is supplemented with fruit and vegetables, is not getting all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. It is a matter of fact that malnutrition is the leading cause of death in pet birds. Harrison's Bird Foods were developed by avian veterinarians, leading aviculturists and top avian nutritionists to be the most nutritionally complete diet available.
  3. Harrison's Bird Foods use organic ingredients and are certified organic, using no artifical preservatives or colourings. It is very important to realise that birds are extremely sensitive to the chemicals used in most contemporary farming. All Harrison's Bird Foods are certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) in the USA and sale in UK is certified by the Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-04). Harrison's Bird Foods contain: NO chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides, NO preservatives and NO double-dosed vitamins. HBD screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, moulds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g. trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by birds and other animals. For a greater insight into the Organic Nature of Harrison's Bird Diets please see the organic section.
  4. Premium ingredients. Besides being certified organic, the ingredients are premium, chunked whole grains and legumes of human-grade quality, not cheap fine-milled/bleached flours or cereal by-products. Harrison's does not use wheat.Tests are performed on each and every batch to make sure they meet strict nutritional requirements
  5. Premium products leading to a happy healthier pet bird. The combination of top level avian knowledge, ingredients and manufacture processes, Harrison's bird foods are committed to providing only the best for you and your birds.