a blend of enzymes designed to aid digestion


Fauna Flora is a blend of enzymes designed to aid digestion. It promotes food breakdown and nutrient absorption whilst acting as a probiotic.

Based on an organic Saccharomyces yeast, Fauna Flora is suitable for use in birds, reptiles and a range of mammals where improved digestion is required.

Fauna Flora may be beneficial for:

  • Sluggish digestion
  • Intestinal bacterial and yeast overgrowth
  • Avian Diebetes
  • Sour Crop
  • Improper nutrition
  • Geriatric animals
  • Adjunct to post-operative/convalescent digestion

Feeding directions

Birds: Add a pinch (1/16th tsp) per meal.

Other animals: Top dress the animal’s food with Fauna Flora. For a volume of food equivalent to approximately 250ml (1 cup) use ½ tsp of Fauna Flora. For geriatric animals use 1tsp per food equivalent to 250ml.

After bag is opened, Fauna Flora should be kept dry and stored in the freezer


Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and the media on which it was grown, consisting of organic hominy, organic corn, organic wheat and organic sugarcane molasses. No GMOs