Why Harrison's?

Combat avian disease by fighting malnutrition

In pet parrots over 80% of ailments presented to vets are thought to be linked to malnutrition. Many diets contain food items of the wrong type resulting in a lack of essential nutrients or, equally importantly, an excess of potentially harmful ones. Even offering a mix of foods can be flawed as many birds have the habit of buffet feeding, and will pick certain items from the bowl and not get the full range of foods necessary to get a nutritional balance.

This nutritional imbalance may cause minor ailments but can also bring about fatal diseases. Birds fed on an inadequate diet may survive, but they certainly will not thrive.

Avian veterinarians therefore recommend feeding a formulated diet over other types of diet.

Why choose Harrison’s? What makes Harrison’s Foods stand out from other formulated foods?

Balanced nutrition

Harrison’s Bird foods are scientifically formulated to provide a balance of essential nutrients to ensure a healthy diet for your birds. Seed-based diets, and many home-made mixes, are often nutritionally deficient, and the bird will often selectively feed, which can exacerbate the imbalances. A pet bird which eats a seed-based diet, even if this is supplemented with fruit and vegetables, is not getting all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. Adding vitamin and mineral supplements to the diets to correct any deficiencies is recognised as an inadequate and unreliable method - it is much better to offer a nutritionally complete diet, than to serve something known to be deficient and then try to correct it with supplements.

Avian veterinary experts agree that malnutrition is the leading cause of death in pet birds. Harrison's Bird Foods were developed by avian veterinarians, leading aviculturists and top avian nutritionists to be the leading formulated foods available.

Organic, and made with premium ingredients and optimal production methods

Harrison’s Bird Foods are made with premium-quality, human-grade cereals and are certified organic. By using organically sourced ingredients, Harrison’s have eliminated the risk of pet parrots ingesting exogenous toxins often associated with the growing, storage and manufacturing processes. As they are organic, potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides, preservatives and synthetic colourings are eliminated from the Harrison’s Bird Food range. HBD screens all of its products for pathogenic bacteria, moulds (mycotoxins) and various natural enzymes (e.g. trypsin) to assure safety for consumption by birds and other animals. For a greater insight into the organic nature of Harrison's Bird Foods please see the organic section.

Harrison's foods are manufactured using a low-temperature extrusion process, so the food’s natural qualities are preserved and digestibility is improved.

Developed and recommended by experts

Quite simply, Harrison's Bird Foods are health foods for birds. By introducing the first foods made from certified organic ingredients and specifically formulated, Harrison's literally transformed the feeding of pet birds!

By drawing on the combined expertise of veterinarians, nutritionists and aviculturists, Harrison’s have produced a premium range of scientifically formulated foods that provide pet birds with the levels of macro- and micro-nutrients they require for good health. They continue to work with avian experts to develop their formulas to ensure they remain at the forefront of avian nutrition.

Harrison’s Bird Foods are used and recommended by leading avian vets both UK and worldwide, as they believe they result in the best diet for pet birds.

The results speak for themselves

If the above reasons to use Harrison's weren't enough, then just check out these pictures and testimonials from people who switched to their birds to Harrison's, and saw the difference in the health, behaviour and appearance of their feathered friends. Keep in mind that many ailments in birds cannot be shown in pictures. Whilst improvements in plumage can be readily apparent, the benefits that an improved diet has for internal organs, for example, may not be visible but are crucial.

“I wanted to share the amazing transformation that Harrison’s has done for my rescue Alexandrine. Her feathers were in horrible shape from a cheap seed diet. I converted her to Harrison’s and magic happened! The transformation has been incredible.”

Joanie Busbi and her Alexandrine

“Buddy before and after. She was featherless and bleeding. It took me a week to transition her from sunflower seeds to Harrison’s High Potency Fine. She now eats Harrison’s nuggets and flies around my house. I rescued her on March 11, 2018 and she’s a VERY happy bird. She’s the love of my life.”

Wanda Lynn and Buddy

"Kira is a 17 year old Blue-Fronted Amazon from Orange County, CA. She was originally going to be sold by a pet store in 2006, but the owner fell in love with her and kept her as his own. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2009, so the daughter took over ownership. I started working at the pet store in February 2018 and noticed that Kira was severely overweight (545g), plucked her feathers, and was scared. Her diet consisted of only seeds and human junk food. I adopted her and instantly introduced her to Harrison’s. Six months later, she had new feathers on her stomach and neck. Five years later, all of her feathers have grown back, she is down to a healthy weight (442g), and is the sweetest, mostly cuddly girl. She has 3 brothers (a Caique, a Green Cheek Conure, and a Lab/Golden mix), loves Nat King Cole, and toys with coconut shells.”

Cassidy Williams and Kira

“I personally am grateful to Harrison’s. In 2017, my Hannah was eggbound due to extremely low calcium from an inappropriate diet. It was not bad food, just wrong for an African Grey. I got Hannah in 2001 and much of the information we know today was not available at that time. No one was talking about pellets or yearly check-ups and lab work with an avian vet. 

Dr. Julianne Vickstrom brilliantly saved Hannah’s life. The next step was to get her eating Harrison’s. Honestly, she furiously threw those pellets back at me for 3 months. Then one day she began eating them just like that! She loves her Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse and even grabs the bag out of my hand!

Harrison’s has completely turned Hannah’s health around.

Once again in June, Hannah’s lab work (including ionized calcium) and heart ultrasound were excellent! Many thanks.”

Joannie Siegel & Hannah

Above images from The Wonky Flock. All birds showed this improvement after being fed Harrison's.