How are Harrison's Bird Foods made?

Extrusion not pelletization

The Harrison's Bird Foods nuggets in the Coarse, Fine and Superfine products are made by a low temperature extrusion process. This differs to many other products on the market which are 'cold pressed' or 'pelletized' rather than extruded.

This method of manufacture:

  • Produces a food with increased digestibility

  • Preserves the ingredients' natural flavours and enzymes which can be lost in a pelletization process

  • Destroys microtoxins and digestion inhibitors

  • Does not degrade vitamins

  • Prolongs storage without the need for artificial/chemical preservatives

This process leads to a more natural product than some methods, and therefore there is some variation in sizes and colour of piece

This high-quality production process is also one of the reasons (another being the use of human-grade, organic certified ingredients) why the Harrison's range is a little more expensive than other formulated foods. You are paying for quality at every step of the process, to provide a better product, for the optimal health and enjoyment of your bird.