Appearance of Harrison's foods

Nature dictates the appearance of Harrison's

The appearance of Harrison's Bird Foods may fluctuate from bag to bag. As Harrison's is a certified organic, whole grain product, it does not use artificial processing, or milled white flours or by-products, that are often used by companies to ensure a perfectly uniform appearance with every batch. You will therefore expect to see some variations in colour, size and texture of Harrison's Bird Foods as is dictated by the organic ingredients and nature itself.

These organic ingredients and Harrison's extrusion process means that the difference in appearance may often appear slightly more pronounced in the Superfine products due to their smaller size. Below are some images of variations which you could expect to see within the 'normal variation' of the Superfine pieces which are caused by natural 'surges' through the extrusion machine:

These foods are the same with regard to nutrient content and in nearly all cases the variation in size will not cause any issues for the birds who eat the food. If, however, you do find the odd bird who is reluctant to take a slightly elongated piece then please be aware that the food can easily be ground slightly using a standard food processor/grinder or a pestle and mortar