why harrison's?

Combat avian disease by fighting malnutrition

In pet parrots over 80% of ailments presented to vets are thought to be linked to malnutrition. Many diets contain food items of the wrong type, resulting in a lack of essential nutrients or, equally importantly, an excess of potentially harmful ones. Even offering a mix of foods can be flawed as many birds have the habit of buffet feeding, and will pick certain items from the bowl and not get the full range of foods necessary to get a nutritional balance.

This nutritional imbalance may cause minor ailments, but can also bring about fatal diseases. Birds fed on an inadequate diet may survive, but they certainly will not thrive.

There are a number of formulated diets on the market, so why choose Harrison’s? What makes Harrison’s Foods stand out from the others?

By drawing on the combined expertise of veterinarians, nutritionists and aviculturists, Harrison’s have produced a premium range of scientifically formulated diets that provide pet birds with the levels of macro- and micro-nutrients they require for good health. Manufactured using a low-temperature extrusion process, the food’s natural qualities are preserved and digestibility is improved.

Harrison’s Bird Foods are made with premium-quality, human-grade cereals and are certified* organic. By using organically sourced ingredients, Harrison’s have eliminated the risk of pet parrots ingesting exogenous toxins often associated with the growing, storage and manufacturing processes. As they are organic, potentially harmful herbicides, pesticides, preservatives and synthetic colourings are eliminated from the Harrison’s Bird Food range.

As Harrison’s Bird foods are nutritionally complete they eliminate the need for supplementation and avoid the problems that result from ‘buffet feeding’.

Harrison’s Bird Foods are used and recommended by leading avian vets both UK and worldwide, as they believe they are the best diets for pet birds.